[Photo] Autumn Leaves and Good Food

In the midst of my busy week, I decided to take a short break and take some photos outside. I walked around for maybe ten minutes and got a few photos of the Autumn leaves and a nice little cafe around town. It was a very relaxing few minutes in which I got away from my studies and such. I hope you enjoy these photos, I know I enjoyed making them.

Here's my attempt at doing a faux Instagram effect in Lightroom. I'd say it looks pretty hip.

[Photo] Art in the Streets at the Geffen Contemporary

The Museum of Contemporary Art has free Mondays (11-5 pm) and Thursdays (5-8 pm) thanks to street artist Banksy. The exhibit, Art in the Streets, is located at the Geffen Contemporary and features all kinds of street art. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely check it out while it's around. Hurry up though, the exhibit's last day is August 8. Anyway, here are some photos from my visit. There is a slide show with a total of 44 photos at the end, so be sure to check that out too! The slideshow feature seems to be a bit buggy. I'm going to replace it with a gallery.