1 Year Anniversary! (The Year in Review)

Today marks one year since my first post here on my blog. It's crazy how time flies by. Over this past year, a lot has changed and I feel like my blog has developed quite a bit. I just wanted to summarize the year in terms of my blog.

Just yesterday (right before the 1 year mark), I hit 10,000 page views! How exciting. I know my blog isn't the most high-profile or popular, so this is quite a feat in itself!

My most popular posts are M&M Blueberry Donuts, Rainbow Donuts vs. M&M Donuts, and Southern Californian Food Adventures. It's funny how these blueberry donuts of all things are the most popular thing on my blog. Without fail, I get people finding my blog by searching "blueberry donut" on various search engines.

On that note, the three most searched terms that refer people to my blog are "m&m blueberry donuts," "banksy i hate mondays," and "house of prime rib." Again, these blueberry donuts dominate. Maybe I should just switch over to being a donut blog...

There's also been some interesting search terms people used to find my blog. Some of these include: "ice cream cravings before bed," "fattest breakfast dish," and "breakfast chili cheese fries." This might give you an idea of my reader base and I love it.

I know this post probably wasn't the most engaging, but I hope it's interesting for all of you to see the guts of my blog. Thank you so much for all your love and support over the past year and keep on the lookout because I have plenty more posts planned for the future! Feel free to leave feedback, comments, or suggestions for my blog or future posts!