[Product Review] Everlane Snap Backpack

Editor's Note: This is our first guest post by my good friend, June Kim! Show her some love!

Hi there! June writing. I usually tumbl over here, but I’m excited to contribute to the blog that is THE edwincho.com. It's been a long time coming, and after talks of collaborating plus a quick rooftop photoshoot, it’s finally here: the Everlane backpack review. At midnight on August 14, I was discussing with a friend about whether or not to buy. With the first batch of backpacks selling out within three hours (yes. three.), I decided to not let this moment pass by.

Definitely one of the better impulse decisions I’ve made in my life.

But first off, what is Everlane? It’s an awesome new startup based in SF with a motto of, “Luxury essentials for under $100.” Basically, they manufacture and sell designer-quality products at a fraction of the price.

To me, it’s in the class of exciting, new, well-designed startups that focus on doing one thing really well—Square (credit card payments), Airbnb (living spaces), and Warby Parker (glasses).

The Snap Backpack About a year ago, after trying to fit in with the North Face crowd with the ultra-functional backpacks (those things have whistles on the shoulder strap!), I realized I just never could pull it off. That began my search for the right backpack—one that was a good mix of functional, good-lookin, and great for daily use.

I tried one out from Herschel Supply Co. for a while. It was great, but I ended up compromising functionality for looks. Their lookbook was convincing.

So here are a few of the things I looove about the Everlane Snap Backpack, which is now back in stock after being sold out for a while! Woohoo!

It’s Functional. This was number one in my search for a new backpack. Sure, it can look stinkin’ cute, but if the thing can’t hold the essentials, it’s pretty useless. I comfortably fit a 13” Macbook Pro (pictured is a 15”), notebook, pens, a book, wallet, and other small things without having to rummage around looking for them all the time.

The canvas. Oooh the canvas. It’s thick and sturdy, but not stiff, and feels great to the touch. But I digress. The backpack also has a front zip pocket which is great, and it also has side pockets for water bottles or other easy-access items.

Overall, it’s great. The only qualm I might have is with the drawstring opening under the snap flap. It takes some getting used to, because in order to take things out you have to loosen the drawstring each time. Not a huge problem, but something to adjust to for sure.

It’s Stylin. I’ve gotten compliments about this backpack from creative directors at work to college students to my loving mother. It’s like an accessory that elevates a look or pulls it all together. Plus, the snaps are a modern update to a classic rucksack look. Not. too. shabby.

It’s Reasonably Priced. One of things I love about Everlane is how transparent they are about their process. It’s so true that when a company is honest and produces great stuff, the money will follow. Here’s an infographic Everlane made of how it manufactures and sells the backpacks:

Kind of a refreshing way for a company to operate, huh?

For anyone, spending $65 on a backpack may be a lot. But I feel like investing in a good backpack will pay off in the long run, almost like buying a good pair of shoes that will last a long time.

I’ve been using my bag almost every day—so far, so good.

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Editor's Note: I personally have an Everlane zip backpack. If you would like to read about that bag, let me know and I'll share my thoughts on that in a separate post! Also, thanks to our friend, Tong, for modeling the backpack in the photos! Such a natural.