[Food] George's Breakfast Burritos

Earlier this week, I celebrated the end of finals with some good ole comfort food for breakfast. George's makes the fattest breakfast burritos around this area and their chili cheese fries are pretty top notch around here as well.

You have to douse these things in their homemade ranch crack sauce. They call it ranch, but it's not thick enough to be ranch. I'm not a fan of regular ranch, but this stuff is straight up addicting. You can put it on almost anything and it will bring happiness back into your life. My sister isn't a fan of breakfast burritos or ranch, but she loved it. The reason why this baby (it weighs more than your average newborn) so big is the massive amounts of hashbrowns they throw in here. Some people hate that, but I love it. Besides the potatoes, you get eggs, salsa, bacon, and cheese all wrapped up in a large flour tortilla that is just slightly crisp.

Now these are some glorious chili cheese fries. There are many, many little burger joints in my area that make some good chili cheese fries, but I must say, these are a notch above the rest. I can't really put my finger on what it is, but the fries, chili, cheese, and onions work together so well.

My sister and I shared this and we couldn't finish it; I'm not a weak eater either. Not to mention, I was full all day. Best of all, it only cost around $8. Talk about a deal.

George's Hamburgers is located on 815 W Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton, CA 92832. Check it out for yourself and feel free to leave your thoughts here.