[Food] Late Night: Classy College Food

It's 2 am, so don't expect a long post. Our floor got some sushi from Nude Sushi delivered, yep they deliver sushi late into the night. That's probably the only good thing about this place. I got a Crazy Monkey Roll, which is tuna, salmon, unagi, and masago. If you must get sushi late at night, stay away from the fresh fish, it ain't that great. [Edit: I just noticed that I said if not to get the fish if you want sushi...I wrote this at 2 in the morning. Forgive me.] I'll probably go with an avocado and cream cheese roll. To complement our sushi, we made the tradition Korean cup ramen. Always a winner in my book.

Nude Sushi 6228 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 547-6833 www.getnudesushi.com

Hours Mon-Sat: 5pm - 3am