[Product Review] Dollar Shave Club: The Humble Twin

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI] Not too long ago, I saw the Dollar Shave Club's viral video, and like many others, I became interested. After my first view, I thought it was a just an entertaining video about a fake product. After finding out the whole operation was completely legitimate, I put in an order for The Humble Twin. Apparently Dollar Shave Club didn't expect the surge of demand, so I ended up waiting a couple weeks before I got my first shipment two days ago.

I love the simple, classy packaging, but this post isn't about the cardboard sleeve they send the blades in.

I also love their sense of humor, but this isn't about that either...

Behold, The Humble Twin. The Humble Twin is exactly what it sounds like - humble. It's the lowest of the three tiers of blades DSC offers, priced at $1 per month plus tax and shipping. It came out to about $3 for me. The other blades offered are the 4X ($6 shipping included) and The Executive ($9 shipping included). You can get more information on these blades at their website (see link at the end of the post).

Back to The Humble Twin. For about $3 a month, you get 5 double blade razors with an Aloe Vera moisterizing strip. The handle is also included. There is a slight pivot on the head, but emphasis on slight. More on that later.

Overall, I had a very pleasant shaving experience. Before using The Humble Twin, I regularly used Gillette Mach 3s and Fusions, both solid blades. The Humble Twin definitely gets the job done. Despite the lack of bells and whistles, I got a surprisingly clean, close shave, exactly what I need.

I'm going to be completely honest and say this blade is not perfect. I have a couple minor gripes. First, the blade is tough to clean. After going through some dense areas, the blade got clogged up a bit and took some effort to clean out. It's not that big of an issue, but it's there. Another is the pivot on the head. It doesn't pivot that much, so going through the contours of my face wasn't as easy as I was used to. Again, a minor issue. However, at $3 for 5 cartridges, I'm not complaining. Remember what I said, this blade gets the job done and does it very well.

I'd say one of the biggest advantages to The Humble Twin is its disposability. Because the cartridges are so cheap, you can change them out the moment they start to go dull without thinking twice. I had a tendency to use my previous blades a bit past their prime. I'm going to use the excuse of being a poor college student. Now, I don't ever have to shave with a slightly dull blade again.

As I mentioned before, DSC offers two higher end blades. They seem to solve the issues I had with The Humble Twin. The 4X has a "wide, open-back for [a] fast, easy rinse" and a "full 90-degree pivot head [that] hugs the turns, [and] surges you onward." I'm definitely going to be upgrading to see how the other blades are. DSC makes it easy to upgrade and you can upgrade (or downgrade) at any time. You'll get your new blades the following month with the matching handle.

As far as The Humble Twin goes, it's a great, simple blade that does what you want it to do, and damn near well if I must say so myself. If you want to check these out for yourself, you can order the blades from the Dollar Shave Club here. Check them out!