[Photo] Rose Parade: The Parade

First of all, Happy New Year, everyone! Today was the 123rd Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, and for the first time of my many Rose Parades, I was able to attend in person! Thanks to some generous friends of friends, we had access to a penthouse and street view of the whole parade. What a great way to experience my first in-person Rose Parade. As we watched, it was really strange not hearing commentary from Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards like I'm so used to. I realized how clueless you are watching the parade without commentary. I had no idea what many of the floats were, but I still enjoyed it. Today I will be featuring photos of the parade itself. I plan for another post tomorrow on the people of the Parade.

Here is this year's Grand Marshal, J.R. Martinez.

The parking was pretty ridiculous, as one could imagine.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to check back tomorrow night for another post on the people of the Rose Parade!