[Photo] Fourth of July

Gotta get those coals white hot,

and celebrate freedom with steak and potatoes, and a Mexican Coke.

Because just one barbecue is not enough.

And you're not celebrating freedom without a kid in a Captain America mask...and a piñata.

Two celebrations are better than one.

Hope you all had a fantastic, safe Fourth of July!

[Photo] Happy Late 4th of July

Hello all, I've been on a little hiatus and I'm pretty sure you guys noticed. I'm sorry for my lack of posts as of late, but I've been rather busy and uninspired to write. But forget my excuses. Anywho, hopefully I'll start posting more regularly again. This Fourth of July, I practiced for my House of Blues gig (post on that coming soon!), did some studying for my online classes (sad, I know), and played with fireworks with some friends rather than watching the grand fireworks displays put on by the city. Here are some photos from that night.

We pretty much just had a bunch of fountains, so all the photos look pretty much the same, but nevertheless, enjoy.